Saturday, 21 December 2013

An update

There has been a lack of updates mainly due to me not doing anything that exciting.

I think you have the idea of what I do training wise.
Three training session per week, focus on heavy compound movements with isolation in there as well.

My food is pretty basic also. I only eat processed foods once and a while and have a few treat at the weekend. Other than that it's natural foods cooked well. My main focus with food in the couple of years off is to get the calories up while still staying within a decent weight limit. For me I won't sit any heavier than 70kg max. Thats over 10kg from stage weight and I find getting weight off a challenge. I will do this by slowly adding food, rather than just eating 4000 calories.

Supplements wise. I will be very basic on this front.

My sponsorship with Smart tec has ended so I will have to be careful with what I buy due to cost.

I plan to use. A protein blend or whey, creapure creatine and Branch chain amino acids during training.

Which I will be buying from  SG39238 
fOR Money off

Other than those three. I will get glcosamine, multi vit and vitc. Just a supermarket own brand. Maybe vitamin d in the winter months.

So that's my off season plan. Very simple. Get bigger, get stronger and have some fun.

I had a delivery this week from Muscle food and was very impressed with the quality.

My reveiw can be found here. SG667 will get you some free food.

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