Saturday, 30 November 2013

Smart tec Complete fx

Complete Fx is Smart tec's all in 1 formula

All in 1's are a one stop shop for the consumer wishing to get all their sports nutrition without having to worry about mixing together lots of different individual supplements.

What are the key Ingredients

40g of premium protein, essential for growth and repair of muscle

5g of creapure creatine. The purest creatine. Helping with explosive strength and endurance

3g of Arginine AKG, 1g of Beta Alanine and 1g of Taurine per serving to boost nitric oxide production and buffer lactic acid resulting in increases in physical energy, mental focus, volume tolerance and recovery capacity.

Avena Sativa and ZMA to support natural testosterone production

Add to this a great taste and mixability and you have the perfect post workout shake or in between meals solution

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