Sunday, 4 August 2013

Taunton the Aftermath

Well it's been a week since Taunton and now I feel I can sit down and logically write with a level head.

It's fair to day I want to use Taunton as a learning show. I had used the Ketogenic diet for the last three weeks before Yorkshire and it had helped me sharpen up a lot and I won. So logic suggested to me that it would work long term. Well with keto you need to refeed with carbs once a week and basically I got to 60kg and could not get any lower on this plan. To be honest I think to be contesting titles at the later end of the season, you need to be quite near your very best. As the season goes on people have been dieting longer and generally are leaner. Well I was not leaner, if anything I looked softer and worse than Yorkshire.

I have had some good feedback from a couple of judges and the mass is there. I am big enough and do not have any weak body parts. So I have gone back to a more sensible diet, one that I have used before.

So I am 8 weeks out from the UKDFBA and that will be my last show of the year and then the week after me and my wife go on holiday for a week. I am doing all I can for the next 8 weeks to be the leanest and the best I have ever been. I will have no regrets that's for sure.

I would just like to say that I did KETO 100%, the diet was never cheated on, the refeeds were 100% clean and I gave it a good long go. It worked to drop off a few kg but long term I would opt for a more balanced approach

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