Monday, 22 July 2013

NPA Taunton 1 Week out

Well another show is nearly here.
I am really looking forward to Taunton. I guess it is my local NPA show, so there is less stress with travel and I know the venue well, which makes you feel comfortable.

The prep has gone well and I have executed my plan. The feedback was that I was good at Yorks but could be a bit tighter , so thats what I have been trying to do. We shall see to what extent come the weekend.

Training this week will be ceased on Thursday to allow me to recover for the stage and bring the look I want.

Big thank you for Smart -tec for the sponsorship which is a great help and also to the NPA for putting on the shows we love.

I finish work ealry on Friday and have two days off after the show. They are always a long day so I though why not. Let's hope it goes to plan.

No crazy "peak" week from me, just a slight increase in carbs and a backing off from activity. If you look at a point where you want to be then tricks can only make you look worse.

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