Saturday, 19 October 2013

Booost Oxygen

I have been fortune to be able to try Booost Oxgen.

Booost is Oxygen in a can, no air, pure oxygen with a slight mint note to it.

Booost comes in a bigger can and a small handy can.

The idea is that if you really push yourself (in the gym, cycling, football, any sport really), Booost can help you recover quicker and get back in the game.

Previously I have used Booost for squats. Anyone that has done a "LEG DAY" will know it's also very taxing on your cardiovascular system as well, espaceilly if you take a set of squats to failure or beyond, with drop sets ect.

How do I rate Booost. As an Asthma suffer, I do find I can be pretty out of breath after a set of squats or deadlifts or if I have a slight cold. Booost does definatly help you get your breath back quicker and I was able to get back to do another set quicker.

If your in the small percent of the population that have your diet, training and rest absolutly on point then Booost might be worth a go.
I keep a small canister in my gym bag if needed.

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