Saturday, 19 October 2013

The First week Back. Call it off season, I call it learning Season

Team Galton are back working hard now, with a bit more energy now that the competitive season is done and dusted. There will be a write up about the year in future blog.

Manged to pick up a great training partner in Benj. Benj wants to compete and I want to take things higher so I am looking forward to the training ahead.
This is the week of training.
Back and biceps Tuesday

me x 10 rp 4 rp 2

130kg x 8
100kg x 20

The did a lat strech. Latpulldown 80kg and just let it stretch the back out

ez curls
35kg x 6 rp 3 rp 2

16kg x 20

then did 3 supersets of high rope rows supersetted with straight arm pulldowns

I am following a kind of DC workout as I have grow well from this in the past.

So 3 workouts per week. Look to beat reps or weight each week. I will have a week 1 and a week 2. So differnt exercises each week. Then when I come back to week one I have to beat the log book in reps or weight.

Very nice being back in the gym feeling ready to rock rather than feeling depleted, tired and needing my bed

Today was push day. Thursday (chest, shoulders, triceps)

Flat bench
60kg x 11 rp 4 rp 2

sat on floor press
40kg x 6 rp3 rp2

decline tri ext
25kg x 13 rp 4 rp 2

I think those reps are right I will check later

then we did a tri set of flys, laterals and pushdowns. Just 3 of those non stop, really give a nice pump and hits everything well.

Bit of stretching and job done.

Legs Friday

warms up was 80 odd reps on the leg ext and hamstring curl

Hamstring curl 35 9 rp 8 rp 2

plate loaded leg press
260kg x 11
200kg x 21

calf press
120kg x 8

then did some lunges

Job done, nice and intense, training partner loved it. Honest he did lol

Sore as hell for the two workouts before this week and set some good numbers to progress from. Not running before we can walk.

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