Saturday, 26 October 2013

Growing Time Week 2

Things are returning back to normal, my body feels more and more like I am strong an healthy. Not quite there yet but getting there.
This weeks training

Back and biceps

vertical traction machine

50kg x 10 rp 6 rp 5

t bar rows 

60kg x 8 rp 7 rp 5

supersetted 2 arm dumbell rows and pullovers 3 times

cable curls
22.5kg x 10 rp 4 rp 3

reverse grip ex bar curls
25kg x 20

Nice workout. Stretched after back by hanging from a chin up bar with 42kg dumbell. Nice indeed.

Benj beat me on the vertical traction but that's the fun of having a training partner.

Push workout today
Flying solo as the training partner had collage work to do.

Incline dumbells
34kg x 7
34kg x 4
Did not rest pause the dumbells as not really that safe in my mind.

Front smiths
60kg x 9 rp2 rp1

close grip bench
50kg x 8 rp 3 rp3

cable laterals raises and pec dec. Did four rounds back to back

Then did some rope crunches. The strength is coming back. I'm still feeling a bit run down from the year and maybe could have had a month off but I just like being stong

we warm up with 50 reps of leg extension and seated hamstring curls

Stiff leg deads, well the knee is not locked
few warm ups
100kg x 13 rp 3 rp 5

130kg x 5
80kg x 16 will up the weight when i hit 20 reps

seated smith calf raise
90kg x 33

job done, few rope crunches and we are out.

Training Saturday this week as well. Benj missed the push workout. This is a week area for me so we are hitting it for him Saturday and I'm going again Grin

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