Tuesday, 2 July 2013

NPA Midlands

After a great day out yesterday at the NPA midlands supporting my best mate Toby Hines,(who took second in the middles and look fantastic) I find myself 4 weeks out from the NPA Taunton.

Now I have already qualified for the NPA British finals by winning the NPA Yorkshire Lightweight, however I needed a reason to stay in shape for the best part of the year. I personally put on body fat very easily and find that without the impending date of a show I can quite easily allow myself treats. So by doing this show 8 weeks after the Yorks, I could have a week of relaxtion and then be back on my game. I weighted in Saturday 400g away from Yorks stage weight, so I am confident that if I just keep doing what I am doing I will be better than that show and thats all I can control.
I never worry about who else might turn up as thats not in my control. So another week on prep, working toward my goals. 

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