Friday, 12 July 2013

This weeks Training

Tuesdays Training
Back and biceps

bent over rows
100kg x7
100kg x 8

pull ups
me x 7
me x 6

rope rows
35kg x 8
35kg x 8

pullovers ss rope pulldowns. Just for some blood flow.

alternate dumbell curls
16kg x 8
16kg x 7

ez curls
40kg x 8
40kg x 7

Then hit abs.

I did a carb up Sunday as Saturday we were out and the carb up is easier at home as I get windy lol

The carb up was oats and spuds. I am just waiting now to see how many days after the carbs I need before I am happy with how I look. Saturday I dried out, totally by accident as we could not get near toilets as we were on the coach and as a result i drunk less. Look really good Saturday and thats with no carbs. 

I took delivery of my Smart tec supplements yesterday. The xcelr8 shots, pre workout are really good and I am very happy with the whey. It tastes great and mixes really well.

Push workout

incline dumbells
30kg x 7
30kg x 8 

flat bench
60kg x 6
60kg x 3 rp 2

pec dec ss dumbell flys 2 sets

dumbell shoulder press
20kg x 8
20kg x 7

seated laterals
12kg x 12
12kg x 10

22.5kg x 9
22.5kg x 8

decline ez bar ext
20kg x 10
20kg x 8

one set of dips

dumbell shrugs 
50kg x 15

Quite enjoying training three days straight. I get in the mind set of training and then by Friday I feel pretty relaxed that the works been done.
Trained legs this am. Will do them again Tuesday and that is them done before Taunton. I have been wanting to do this before a show for a while so now's the time. Can't see it going wrong, just get better seperation.

Today went like this

Leg ext
10kg x 20
20kg x 10
30kg x 10
30kg x 11
30kg x 10

hamstring curls
15kg x 20
30kg x 10
30kg x 12
40kg x 9

leg press
4 plates a side x 15
6 plates a side x 10
6 plates a side x 12

dumbell sldl
50kg x 8
50kg x 9

100kg x 9
100kg x 7

seated calf raise on smith
3 plates a side
Just kept doing reps and rest pausing until I could not stand the pain anymore.

Nice workout. 2 weeks Sunday and it's stage time again. I can't wait

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