Thursday, 4 July 2013

This weeks workouts

What an amazing weekend. NPA midlands on Sunday. Great result for Dom Rae and Toby Hines. Both looking really good. I din't see the lightweight class, seen a pic and they look pretty shredded. All good motivation.

Matt;s guest pose really polished. He;s pretty good that chap  Grin

Great to see Nic as always and she kept little Jannie company through the day and they both seemed to have a nice time, while I was of dream tanning. Jan got a kiss from big Rich which made her day along with Toby doing so well.

Our drive home was hell and the traffic was mental. Finally rolled in at Midnight after leaving at 8pm !!

Yesterday we have a nice chilled day, walk along the beach, wander round Ringwood and went to cheer the old man up.

Now I think I have got to the bottom of me feeling grumpy in the week. Not the diet, not the training but getting up so early for cardio, it's got to be done so I get some time with Jan and I don't have to go to the gym in the PM. It does drain the hell out of me though.

Hopefully as the diet goes on and I get leaner I can back off the cardio a bit and get a few more minutes of sleep.

Back and biceps

60kg x 30
100kg x 20
120kg x 10
140kg x 6

me x 8
me x 6
me x 6

row row machine
70kg x 7 then 6 drops

lat pulldown
60kg x 6 then 6 drops

dumbell pullovers
20kg x 20

ez curls
30kg x 10
30kg x 9

dumbell hammers
ran the rack
started at 18kg x 4 then dropped 2kg each time till i got to the 4kg

then did some abs

Nice workout, was going to do straight sets but just got the fire from Sunday.

Diets been bang on and the ab veins are back. Weight at the weekend was 60.6. So we should drop under 60kg this week. Nice and slow, looking to be better at each show. As long as I do that, where I place really is out of my control.

Push workout

incline dumbell press
32kg x 8
32kg x7

14kg x10
14kg x 9

ped dec and machine press superset x 2

dumbells press
20kg x 8
20kg x 7 rp 2

seated laterals
14kg x 9
14kg x 4 rp4 rp 4

rope pushdowns
15kg x 8
15kg x 10

overhead dumbells
20kg x 8
20kg x 8

One set of dips 
me x 14 reps. Just because i fancied it really.

Then did some abs.

3 weeks out Sunday so thinking about training, cardio etc for the last few weeks. I will evauluate week on week. Doing a carb up Sunday, the exact one I plan to use for the show so could be interesting

Legs this am

bar x 20
60kg x 12
100kg x 10
100kg x 9
120kg x 7
80kg x 15 rp 5

60kg x 20
100kg x 9
100kg x 8

16kg x not sure, felt like dying

calf press
50kg x 20 warm up
100kg x 10
150kg x 6 rp 3
120kg  x 6 sqeeze at the top.

Nice and basic. Now for 4 days off the gym and a trip to the O2!

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