Sunday, 24 November 2013


With a month till Christmas it's time to really crack up the intensity before we have some down time and rest.

This was last weeks training

The glute is getting better. Generally pretty pain free. Sitting all day makes it a bit sore but it loosens. Really giving it time to heal. Foam rolling, hot baths and deep heat are helping as well.

Back and Shoulders today

me x 11, 4,4,4

row row machine
70kg x 9
70kg x 8

dumbell rows
36kg x 12
36kg x 15

All reps were very clean, nothing risking at all.

Dumbell shoudlers press
1 warm up
30kg x 9
30kg x 6

seated strict laterals
10kg x 11, 10,11

cable shrugs
30kg x20
35kg x 20
Can't do deads so wanted to get some blood in the traps

Did some rope crunches

Really like the faster pace of doing sessions this way, we can always go for lower reps when we feel the need and there is not pressure of log book beating when you don't feel right. If we are strong we will go heavy if it's an off day or we have a twinge, higher reps more sets

Chest and arms today
Taken chest away from shoulders as chest is a weak point for me and I want to have it as a priority

15 degree press
bar x 30
40kg x 20
60kg  9
80kg x 2 ds 60kg x 5

incline machine press
60kg x4 ds 50kg x 5 the first set was to heavy for me
50kg x 6

flys, 1 set, started at incline, then flat then decline

ez curls
25kg x 20
35kg x 10
45kg x 5

10kg x 30
15kg x 15
25kg x 10
25kg x 9

dumbell preachers
8kg x per hand x 12
8kg x x10
few rest pauses

decline skulls
35kg x 12
35kg x10

That was that. Finding a bit of pyramiding throught the weight is helping with the elbow niggles and I feel more ready when the sets get heavier. I might not be quite as strong but I feel a lot less like my muscles will tear and I feel the stress in the muscle rather than the joints

Legs today
This time last week, I really tweaked the already injured glute minor so I was a tad nervous.

Leg press
2 plate 50 reps
3 plates 20 reps
4 plates 20 reps
5plates 20 reps
5 plates 10 reps low, 10 reps mind, 10 reps high

leg ext
seated hamstring curl
Just went back and forth. Sets of 10. Must have be 6 sets each

seated calf raise on smiths
130 x 25 rp

Did a lot of stretching, during and after the workout. The glute is much better. It's more of a slight soreness when I have been sitting still rather than a sharp pain. 

Next weeks going to be the same kind of workout plan and then another sports massage on the Saturday. Should be sorted by then to do some sensible squats and deads

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