Sunday, 3 November 2013

This weeks Training

This is the first week where we had to beat the log book back from week one and we sure did.

Before I list the training of the week, I just wanted to let you all know that I will be offering my services as a prep coach for next season. I have a wealth of knowledge after competing for the last 4 years. Couple that with my constant research and I will guide you to the path of glory.

This week so a weight gain of nearly 1kg. Bearing in mind the only change I made was the use of turkey thigh mince as my main protein source that must have been the reason. It's much more fatty than turkey or chicken breast. Had a restock so back on the leaner sources with my good fats this week.

Here is the training

Back and biceps

me +5kg 8 rp 4 rp 2

140kg x 9
110kg x 20

ez curls 35kg x 13 ro 6 rp 3

hammers 18kg dumbells x 21 

super set straight bar pulldowns and revers grip pulldowns x 4 supersets. no rest

Good workout. Destroyed the numbers from last time. The gym now have mirrors in front of the smiths machine and squat rack. So I can now keep and eye on my form for deads and squats. Just gives me a bit more confidence.

Chest, Shoulders and Triceps
flat bench
80k x 8 rp 3 rp 2 added 10kg from last time

seated free bar press
40kg x 12 rp5 rp 3  having no back support was a no no for me. We did these sat on the floor last time

decline skull crushers
30kg x 15 rp 5 rp 6
5kg up and many more reps

then did a superset of flys and lateral raises. Did that 4 time back to back with no rest. Like one giant rest pause set

Got the legs warm with 50 reps each of leg ext and hamstring curl

sldl. Done them again to get them away from squatting
120kg x 13 rp 6 rp 5

leg press
300kg x 13
220kg x 22

calf press
130kg x 9

then some walking lunges

Doms all over after this weeks training. Benj is working like  a trojan and we are having some great workouts

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