Sunday, 17 November 2013


A big of news before the training.
After the leg session last week, I got up from my chair at work and my back felt stiff. A bit of foam rolling and It felt fine, I was just careful with it. Well this Friday during a set of dumbell deads I felt a pain in the top of my left glute. After a very painful day at work Friday I had a sports massage and I seem to have a big knot in my left glute minor. The sports massage and acupuncture has given me a lot of freedom back and now, no pain. So this week will be a very careful week in regard to selection of exercises.

Here is last weeks workouts

Back and biceps 

Had to be careful as my left lower back is really tight. So playing it safe.

me +10kg x 5 rp 2 rp2
then did 2 sets with bodyweight

lying on a bench rope pulloevers
15kg x 20
15kg x 20

low row machine
this was one set
30kg x 10
40kg x 10
50kg x 10
60kg x 10


ez curls
40kg x 11 rp 5 rp3

20kg x 15

then did some abs

Back hitting chest, shoulders and triceps. After doing chest and arms with Mr Fruin on Saturday and Bodybionic in Thatcham

85kg x 4 rp 1
60kg x 5

front shoudler press
40kg x 11 rp 5 rp 5

skull crushers
40kg x 12 rp5 rp 4

tri set
flat dumbell press
overhead cable ext
did that 3 time

Now I still have this lower back twinge and I think this trying to beat the log book every week is going to cause me or Bnej and injury. I feel we are walking a fine line between safe and unsafe.

We both want some more volume and I need to be able to change the workout based on how my body is feeling.

So I will be doing workouts a bit more on the fly. Still based around free weight compounds and heavy weight. Probably more in the way of working up to the weight. So days we feel strong we can hit it heavy, if not more volume and drop sets

Legs today
Doing a bit more volume now. Bit faster workouts.

Leg ext
10kg x 20
20kg x 10
30kg x 10
40kg x 10

hamstring curl
10kg x 20
20kg x 10
30kg x 10
40kg x 7

leg press
2 plates x10
3 x 10
4x 10

calf press
150kg x 9
150kg x 8

cable pull through
20kg x 10
20kg x 8

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