Saturday, 9 November 2013

Another week of Log book beating

Back and Biceps

Vertical traction machine
As always warm ups
70kg x 11 rp 6 rp 3

t bar rows
70kg x 10 rp 6 rp3

cable curls
25kg x 9 rp 5 rp2

reverse grip ez bar
30kg x 15

then supersetted
bent over rows and dumbell pullovers. 3 sets, blowing like a steam train  Grin

Push workout today

Shoulder warm ups.

Incline dumbells
36kg x 7
36kg x 4
Staying with these next time, reps a bit low

Smiths front
65kg x 6 rp2 then didn't even get one rep on the last rest pause,so the weight stays the same.

Warm up elbows with 50 reps of pushdowns mega light
close grip bench on smiths
55kg x 8 rp 2 rp2
will go for 60kg next time

So a good workout, pretty strong and chest is very much a weakness for me. Looking at my class from the UKDFBA, the other guys were really thick and conditioned.

Legs Today

Finally the gym have a mirror in front of the squat rack and the smiths machine. Makes a huge difference.

Warm up 30 reps on leg ext and hamstring curl. I also deep 20 deep reps on the leg press

bar x 20
60kg x 10
100kg x 6
These were all warm ups
140kg x 6
80kg x 22 reps

hamstring curl
40kg x 11 rp 4 rp 3

leg ext
just did one set to failure with a few forced reps for fun

seated calf raise on smiths
3 plates a side 3 reps. Dead stop at the bottom and full flex

That was a good session. Volume felt a bit low.

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