Saturday, 30 November 2013


A solid week of training, nothing to set the world  on fire but decent non the less.
Injury is nearly healed so I will try a few deadlifts on Tuesday and see how it feels.

This weeks Training

me x 15
me x 6
I have a goal of getting to 20 reps of chins, not far off now.

Bent over rows
60kg x 20
60kg x 20
80kg x 12
80kg x 12
80kg x 10

dumbell rows
50kg x 10
50kg x 8

tried rack deads but the fact the rack won't go low enough and I'm mega short meant that they didn't work very well.

Smith shoudler press
50kg x 10
70kg x 6
70kg x 5 then a double drop set

seated laterals
14kg x 10
14kg x 8 then a few partials

rope crunches x 4 sets

My glute issue is getting much better, not wanting to do anything potentially risky this week but bent over rows were out last week and felt fine today.

Chest and arms

15 degree incline press
2 warm ups
80kg x 4 to heavy for me
70kg x 5,5,5,4

flys 2 sets
had my partner provide extra resistance in the negative by pushing against my arms.

incline press
50kg x 7 then 4 drops

alternate dumbell curls
1 warm up
18kg x 8
18kg x 6

rope hammers 
20kg x 5 then 4 drops
each rep was from a dead stop

2 warm ups
30kg x 10
32.5kg x 10

incline close grip bench
50kg x 9
60kg x 6

overhead rope ext
10kg x 20, just fancied a nice pump

Job done. The 5x5 took up a bit of time and meant the rest of the workout seemed a little rushed. Got through and felt it was productive.

Guess I am never going to be the strongest presser but it gives me something to work on. Last year off I defiantly thickened my chest, quite a bit. Thats my main priority along with thicker abs and not getting to fat Grin


I have been free from pain for a good week now, injury wise so I thought a session based on squats and form would be good.

Legs ext
hamstring curl
10kg x 20
20kg x 20
30kg x 20

hamstring curl
37.5kg x 8
37.5kg x 8

bar x 20
60kg x 10
60kg x 10
60kg x 10
80kg x 8
80kg x 8
100kg x 10
100kg x 7

Every rep was bang on and obviously shy of failure. To be honest I think going to failure on squats is blinking dangerous. I'd rather have another rep in the bag and them all be perfect than go for that last rep and it be a touch of and get another injury.

Hamstring curl
35kg x 20,, rest paused out the reps

calf press on the plate loaded leg press
standing bodyweight calf raises

4 sets back to back. Burned big time

A lot of stretching and there is a slight tightness in the lower back just above where the glute was knotted but really nothing to worry about. Quite happy that I got through the session.

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